Child Monks Evacuated from Nepal

For the monks in Lho, Nepal, the earthquake greatly disrupted their peaceful way of life. Meditation stopped as the earth shook and buildings came down along the mountainside. Lho is a very isolated village near the northern border with Tibet and completely cut off to the rest of the country. The earthquake destroyed the trail systems connecting the village to the rest of Nepal, stopping the flow of food and supplies that typically keep the monastery and surrounding villagers thriving. At the request of the leadership of the monastery and the families of the children studying there, 66 young monks and nuns were transported to Kathmandu where they will continue their practice in a safe environment.

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Latest updates from Garuda

Food distribution at Gumda (Gorkha)

Food distribution at Gumda (Gorkha)

After the big distribution in Gumda (Ghorka), we will be focusing (along with the World Food Programme) on the regions of Samagaon, Samdo, Tsum (Manaslu) still cut off from the rest of the country.
From Kathmandu, we are continuing the emergency relief work with two new distributions of metalic roofing to Bhalephi (Sindupalchok) and Kharidhunga (Dolakha).

26 May 2015

We undertook an emergency distribution of mattresses, blankets, food and medical kits for a women’s centre. These women fled their villages in fear or further devastation to find refuge in this centre. 20 have arrived today, another 40 are expected in the coming days.

We have received a generous donation for the villages of Bhakta and Krishna in Dolakha : they have decided to rebuild the school and a dispensary for medical supplies.

The 75 tents from Quechua/ Huwans have finally arrived : they will be used to set up medical camps and to serve as refuge as more people will leave their villages during the monsoon season.

27 May 2015

We will answer to the call from 51 Tamang families in the Kavre region, who are in critical situation having still not received any aid since the earthquake on the 25th of April.

Many people are asking themselves questions about the reconstruction of the country and what direction that may take, especially in terms of the architecture. Garuda will participate in these reflections so as to ensure that Nepal does not become a large shantytown.

Little by little, despite incessant aftershocks, the Nepalis are taking matters into their own hands to rebuild their lives. It seems evident that it is the women who lead the way out of this terrible chapter in Nepali history.


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Update from Kathmandu May 19th

A door of hope remains standing in the devastated village of Gumda (Gorkha).

A door of hope remains standing in the devastated village of Gumda (Gorkha).

A door of hope remains standing in the devastated village of Gumda (Gorkha). We have seen an amazing response from the Nepalis themselves and the international community to the crisis in Nepal in the last couple of weeks. All the big organizations are here (MSF, WFP, UN) working along local organizations and initiatives such as Garuda Nepal. Our knowledge of the country thanks to our team of guides, porters and other local help is an asset for effective relief work.

  • We were given 16 tonnes of free rice and transport for the village of Gumda, Yamakang and Lapsibot for around 500 families. Jonathan Edou and Olivier Bertin are taking care of the distribution with Gome and Dhane ect. They have returned home safely by helicopter after being stranded in Lapu due to landslides on either side of the village.
  • We have also received 12 tonnes of rice from the Rupak Foundation to which we added blankets, cooking oil, salt, lentils. From this load, 4 tonnes were distributed to the village of Betini (Nuwakot) by Anoj for about 130 families and 8 tonnes to a village of Dalits (untouchables) in Kavre.
  • Another load of metallic roofing was distributed to village of Sankhu a few kilometres away from Kathmandu, which helps for temporary shelter while the monsoon is approaching.
  • We are also supporting a team of 18 doctors from Medilor who have been focusing on the area of Kavre.
  • We have received support from Vincky H a travel agency in Geneva who will help us with indispensible supplies.
  • A cargo of a 100 large tents from Huwans was cleared at the customs and will be included in our next distribution.
  • Bikas (trekking guide) has collaborated with the World Food Programme (WFP) to send 2 helicopters of rice (4.5 tonnes) to his village in Sirdhibas in Manaslu and is assuring the distribution on the ground. We have contributed 1500 € like other villages to add cooking oil, lentils, salt and other basic necessities..

We would like to thank you for your support and would like to assure you that every euro donated to Garuda Nepal is used for those who need it most.

Action Action Action!

The Kathmandu Connection Team in Kathmandu loading rice sacs

The Kathmandu Connection Team in Kathmandu loading rice sacs

Latest news about the Kathmandu Connection Team relief effort:

– 16,000 kg of food + blankets distributed to the village of Lhapu in the Ghorka region for 500 families. The village is still inaccessible so families had to come down to meet the supply trucks at a distribution point.

– 2,000 kg of rice and metal sheets distributed to Gumdrung in the Sindupalchok region for 40 families.

– 2,000 kg of rice and metal sheets distributed in Gaurimudi in Dholaka for 40 families.

The upcoming week’s planned distributions are the following:

– 16,000kg of rice + dhal, oil, salt and sugar + blankets and matresses for Gumda, Gorkha region

– 4,000 kg of rice + dhal, oil, salt and sugar + blankets and matresses for the village of Nuwakot.

– 10,000 kg of rice + dhal, oil, salt and sugar + blankets and matresses for the village of Kavre.

2400kg of tents are arriving from France by cargo next week and we will integrate those in future distributions.

We directly rely on donations so please continue to support us and share our project.

Thank you all for you support!

Garuda and the Kathmandu Connection Team.